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  • Pack om freshf 3 – Toilet air...

    Sold By: KharedLo

    Product details of Pack of 3 – Toilet air freshener – Room freshener Cockroach / Insects Repellent (aroma air freshener)

    • Toilet air freshener
    • 3 flavors jasmine, lavender, rose
    • each pack has 30 days lasting
    • good for your health
    • make your self comfortable and confident
    • Air Freshener and Odour Neutralizer
    • Best Cockroach Repeller
    • Net Weight: 25 gram Ball (When Packed)
    • Scented Moth Ball
    An AirThat Makes YourSmell Like RosesYour poo may not smell like roses, but this air canmake your bathroom smell like a garden. Using lavender,rose and jasmine air freshener for your toilet is make your self more confident

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