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  • Kitchen Trash Bag Garbage Holder Pl...

    Sold By: KharedLo


    • kitchen cabinet door Ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, camping, RVs, and other areas. Two hooks for securing the garbage bag holder to a door or cabinet to save space.
    • garbage holder trash bag garbage
    • holder plastic bracket towel
    • kitchen trash bag and towel rack holder
    • holder clip organizer for smart kitchen
    • Plastic of the highest quality
    • All cabinet types are compatible.
    • a firm grasp
    • It keeps your kitchen looking tidy and clean at all times.
    • It’s not just for the kitchen; it’s also useful in the bathroom, the storeroom, and the garage.
    • Hanging garbage bag holder secures used shopping bags, forming a strong, secure seal that can support up to 10 pounds.

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