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  • Hand Grip Strengthener With Counter...

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    • BEST VALUE PACKAGE: Whilst other hand exercise products feature a single grip strengthener, provides you with a pair of grip strengtheners so you can exercise both hands at once or team up with a partner. These feature bi-directional handles designed to accommodate all hand sizes.
    • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Featuring a tactile soft contact plastic with rubberized non-slip handles, and a high quality Stainless Steel spring combine to provide an unparalleled experience whilst ensuring life-long durability. The product is free from creaking noises produced by lower quality products.
    • FULLY ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: The grip strengtheners are designed to allow you to control the level of resistance from the range of 10-50 KG (22-110 Lbs). Resistance is altered by simply rotating the knob clockwise for a higher resistance level and counter-clockwise for a lower resistance.
    • IMPROVE STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCE: This product is perfect for sports athletes and musicians. It will recruit and work muscles in your forearm, wrist, hand and fingers. People who suffer from arthritis or have had surgery on their wrist or tendons will also greatly advantage with the use of this product.
    Sold By: KharedLo

    Hand Grip Strengthener With Counter...

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