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Join a marketplace where nearly 50 million buyers around
the world shop for unique items

Easy Payment

Kharedlo pays sellers conveniently via IBFT on mutually agreed credit days whenever their product is sold through our website.
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Easy Return

Kharedlo has an easy returns policy for customers and sellers. If a customer returns a product, we supply it back to you within a few days.
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Support 24/7

Our tools and services make it easy
to manage, promote and grow your
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Unlimited Listing

Once you are registered with us as a Seller, there is no limit to the number of products you can enlist to sell on Kharedlo.
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Free Marketing

Kharedlo promotes your products through various channels such as email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, etc. without charging you anything.
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Delivery Option

You have the choice to deliver your products to the customers yourself or let Goto manage the delivery of the orders to customers.
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We process payments with Jazzcash, EasyPasa Debit Card etc… an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from sales on Kharedlo will be deposited into your  account.



Here are some common questions about selling on KharedLO

How Do I Open My Shop on Kharedlo?

To register with Kharedlo as Seller, Or head over to Kharedlo Seller Sign Up page on Kharedlo’s website.

How Does Kharedlo Seller Work?

Kharedlo Seller Center is a platform made specifically for Kharedlo Sellers where you can receive orders and sell across Pakistan by registering your products and uploading them on Kharedlo online marketplace from where you receive the payment of your order directly in your account

Is it worth it to sell on ?

Kharedlo seller account gives you access to millions of customers for your products at 0% commission rates. In addition, Kharedlo helps your business by assisting with fast and reliable shipping, professional services & secure and timely payment.

What is Kharedlo Commission?

Kharedlo deducts a small percentage of commission from the payment of your orders. Each product commission depends on the type of category it falls under.

How Can I Check My Kharedlo Commission?

You can check how much commission will be charged on your product by going to Kharedlo University from your Kharedlo Seller Account. From there scroll down and click on “Marketplace Commission Structure” where you’ll find a whole list commission percentages on charges.

How Can I Upload My Product on Kharedlo?

Log in to your Kharedlo Seller Center account and from the homepage, click on “Products” then select “Add Products.” Enter all details of your products and description that need to be added and enter “Submit” on the bottom of the page and your product will be uploaded!